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If you’re looking for the perfect place to sample Leeds finest food and drink cuisine, look no further than Vice and Virtue. Located just outside the city center, Vice and Virtue already holds a reputation for an innovative and fine dining experience.

The prohibition style cocktail bar boasts some inventive and modern cocktails such as the wasabi dream, which at first I wasn’t sure about, but the combination of wasabi and sake among other things worked so well to create a unique drink to go alongside some of their starter menu.

To compliment the wasabi dream, was beef tendon with wasabi and cultured cream. As soon as I had the first bite of this taster I knew we were in for a fine dining experience. After this we were taken upstairs into Vice, which has a lovely bright and fresh atmosphere with an open kitchen.

Luke who runs Vice and Virtue, Dough in the City and Feed to name a few gave detailed explanations of each course and the wine accompanying it, informing us they use only the freshest local ingredients, sometimes foraging themselves to find them. Luke also explained for the new a la carte menu, the customers have more choice over what they eat, as well as the choice to have fewer course, making Vice and Virtue a more accessible place to experience the best of Leeds food.

The next course on offer was the iberica pork toung with pedro ximenez, cauliflower, wood sorrel and el brindis and Monsanto which Luke paired with a beautiful red Garnacha from Spain. This dish was my absolute favourite, the flavours had so much depth and taste and each aspect of the dish complimented each other impeccably.

The salt aged Atlantic cod with crimson asparagus, fish milk, ramson and domaine mas belles eux with Genache Blanc was stunning as well, a usually meaty fish which in the case of this dish just melted on the tounge. Luke is passionate about the explanation of the creation of each dish, how its cooked and sourced, his passion really coming through in his delivery of the courses. Last but certainly not least was the brown butter ice cream with smoked brown sugar, embers, clos daddy paired with Sauternes.

This dish was absolutely stunning, served on a bed of ice the ice cream was so fresh and the smoked brown butter had a depth almost like a BBQ flavour to it. The embers were in meringue form and were perfectly crisp on the outside chewy in the middle.

I honestly cannot recommend vice and virtue enough, with their new team who are passionate about food and hospitality, new tasting menu and vast array of cocktails, it truly is the perfect place to experience the extravagance and zest that a restaurant with a passion for food can deliver.


APRIL 2019