The Brunswick

Last week, Love Leeds revealed that the Brunswick were launching a new burger menu. Since then, we have been down to sample the food for ourselves. The verdict? It’s some seriously good eats.

If you’ve yet to visit the Brunswick, it’s situated on North Street alongside two of Leeds’ best independents, the Swine That Dines and The Reliance.

The Brunswick has a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere – there’s plenty of natural light, greenery and exposed brick that makes the venue feel more spacious than it is. If you like Belgrave but find it a bit too much on a busy weekend, you’ll feel right at home here.

The menu features a beef (£7), chicken (£8) and vegan (£6.50) burger; we opted for beef and chicken, along with some Brunswick fries (£3.50).

The beef burger comes with two patties, two types of cheese, burger sauce, pickles and a potato brioche.

The burgers are a custom beef blend from a farm in Skipton – the owners spent over a month trialling different ratios of beef, a task they assure me was less fun than it sounded.

The final result is amazing: it’s everything that McDonalds wishes it could be, and more. The burger is juicy and tender, cheesy and saucy, while the potato brioche is fluffy and light while still providing a solid burger base. It comes stacked high enough to be filling by itself, but not so big you needed a knife and fork to eat it – something a lot of venues fail on nowadays.

The chicken burger comes in the same potato roll filled with two chipotle glazed chicken tenders, celeriac and apple slaw, and pickles. The tenders are melt-in-your-mouth juicy, and fiery, with the spice balanced out by the earthiness of the celeriac.

Now I like burgers, but chips are where my loyalties really lie and let me tell you, the Brunswick chips are in the top three I’ve had in Leeds. On the menu, there’s a choice of plain, Brunswick (smothered with peppercorn aioli) and confit pork loaded chips (£7.50) which I’m told is a meal in itself. The chips are double cooked but taste triple cooked; they are light and fluffy but crispy and crunchy, something few venues in Leeds has managed to achieve.

The aioli has a peppery hit without being overpowering, although I feel it could have had more garlic. In their defence, I feel this way about most things.

For a grand total of £18.50 (kindly gifted for the purpose of this review), we were left satisfied without being stuffed – the perfect level of fullness if you’re hoping to fit a few drinks in to your evening. With wine, beer and spirits on the menu and a crowd that’s lively but not rowdy, staying for a drink or two is definitely on the cards after eating.

This was my first visit to the Brunswick, and it definitely won’t be my last. Whether you’re a burger obsessive or simply a fan of good food at a good price, it’s a must visit venue for a bite to eat, and a great pub for an evening of drinking.


APRIL 2019