Sqew: Leeds best kebabs?

What do you picture when you think of a doner kebab? For me, it’s a questionable lump of meat in a greasy takeaway at 2am. It’s safe to say I have historically avoided them at all costs, although my boyfriend is a notorious kebab fiend.

However, I’ve recently been converted after visiting Sqew Kebabs, the brand behind the kitchen in Brew Dog on North Street.

Sqew went on an around the world trip sampling the best kebabs to find something that is a far cry from the usual doner served up around Britain. Quality meat, fresh produce and the garlicciest sauces you will ever find make up their menu.

Choose from two options: the kebab box, or the protein box. The former comes with your protein of choice wrapped tightly in bread and either a salad or fries and their trademarked charlic sauce, the latter comes with protein paired with a fresh salad, pink hummus, and couscous and a garlic and chilli dip. Obviously, we went for both; a lamb doner with chips, and a vegan chicken salad box with not-so-vegan halloumi, plus a green sauce dip.

The kebab box

Sqew’s lamb doners are made from 100% lamb, triple minced for tenderness. The result is stunning; a doner which packs a punch in the flavour department, yet is tender and juicy. It’s a completely different ball game from the drunk soggy cardboard kebabs. It helps that the wrap is crammed full of meats and salad - and in a ratio all carnivores will be happy with.

The salad box

Never before in my life have I been so happy to receive something off the salad menu. The combination of crunchy salad, light couscous and pink hummus with a trio of dips, salty halloumi and the vegan chicken was incredible. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

I’m always curious about vegan meats, and this one delivered. We had to question whether or not we had accidentally been served the real chicken shawarma. The halloumi, while not suitable for vegans, was fat, soft, squeaky, salty and moreish.

The verdict

In short? Definitely the best kebab in Leeds. No other kebab stands a chance. The quality of the food, the flavours, and the passion of the people behind Sqew makes the end product seriously tasty. It’s street food that you will come back for time and time again, and being set in Brew Dog where you also benefit from arcade games, shuffleboard and Leeds’ finest craft beers, means Sqew is not just a quick pit stop; it’s an evening in its own right.