Leeds Cryotherapy Chamber

If you haven’t heard of cryotherapy before, it is when the body is submitted to temperatures between -120c and -150c to promote benefits such as sports and injury recovery, pain management, better skin and even weight loss.

The chamber is situated in Central Arcade on the second floor so very easily accessible. The chamber only takes 3 minutes to evoke physiological reactions that promote healing and recovery and it is also non invasive.

The Leeds chamber is used by high profile athletes such as Josh Warrington (IBF world champion) and players for Leeds United FC and Leeds Rhinos. I must admit I was a little nervous before entering the chamber as I did not know what to expect, however, the owners were so comforting and talked me through the whole process, even during as well checking I was ok.

The feeling is a little hard to describe as its not as cold as you would expect due to it being a dry ice rather than wet like a plunge pool. It was only in the last 30 seconds then I really began to feel the cold, but I was told after that this is when the majority of the benefits take place as your body enters fight or flight mode.

Before entering the chamber I was given big fluffy socks, some warm clothes and a mouth mask to keep me warm. The three minutes went fairly quickly and theres a little window in the chamber in case you start to feel a little claustrophobic that can be opened. When the three minutes was up, I was given a nice big warm dressing gown, which warmed me up quickly, and then I was done!

I really would recommend this treatment to anyone looking to just improve their overall health as well as any sports related injuries or help. Prices start from £35 and packages are available to buy.

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