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Chamber Of Time

Did you ever read Horrible Histories as a kid? What a series of books. I actually watched the TV series as a university student and man, that’s the kind of education we need in our lives.

The guys behind Professor Humboldt clearly feel the same way, and have put together their theatrical expertise to create an immersive historical experience, taking families through four periods of time to learn about Britain’s Ancient History in a way that is genuinely fun.

Professor Humboldt is a cute illustrated man who, sadly, has died – but he has left behind an hourglass which holds the secret to the past. Using the hourglass, visitors can travel back in time to learn more about the druids, the Roman Empire, the Vikings and the Tudors.

Each room we visit represents a different period of time. The props are amazing, which is unsurprising as one of the brains behind the operations has a background in making props for film and theatre.

The costumes are also great, and the acting and scripts are brilliant. From the interior designer in Ancient Rome calling us savages for not bathing (an ode to their introduction of the public bath houses), to the Viking calling us a ‘nasty little troll sent by Loki to trick him’, the experience is well thought out and funny. I enjoyed it as an adult, and the kids were having the time of their life as they were pulled in to be part of the experience.

With tickets coming in at under a tenner for adults and kids (hint: they’re also cheaper online than on the door), it’s a great way to spend the better part of an hour – whether you are a history buff or not. The experience is only in Leeds until September, before they set off to a different city, so if you fancy going, better sooner rather than later.

Thinking about getting food before or after? Union Square, also in the Merrion Centre, does pizza by the slice. For something more substantial, I’d wholly recommend Blue Sakura’s all you can eat sushi.