Bundobust Festive Menu

There are so many things to love about Christmas – cheesy films, cosy nights in, endless mulled wine… For those fortunate enough to be living in Leeds, there is another festive tradition to add to the list: Bundobust’s sprout bhajis.

Available now until Christmas eve, these magical morsels are part of Bundo’s festive menu and come in two forms: standalone bhajis with cranberry chutney, or nestled between brioche buns with both cranberry chutney and green chutney (and some salad for crunch).

The bhajis are crispy on the outside, soft in the middle and tasty as hell. Even those scarred for life from soggy sprouts circa 1998 will enjoy. The burger is massive and could easily pass for a meal by itself, but pair it with okra fries for maximum taste.

Another dish on the festive menu is the imaginatively named festive curry. It’s perfect for the cold weather – not too creamy nor spicy, and full of potato and veg. A nice all-rounder, and one worth trying before it leaves the menu.

If the food doesn’t capture your interest, Bundobust are also doing festive drinks: a chai spiced cider (incredible, if you like chai tea or want to feel more festive this is definitely the drink for you), an alcohol free cocktail named ‘Nice’ and a boujie hot toddy named ‘Naughty’. The Nice is, well, nice – all the fun and foam of a real cocktail but without the next day hangover.

Our verdict

Bundobust is one of our top venues all year round, and the festive menu does not disappoint. At the very least, the sprout bhajis and chai spiced cider are absolute must-try items before they disappear for good, but we’d recommend getting the festive platter to share for optimum Christmas spirit.