Alchemist Trinity

Nothing says summer like a cocktail in the sun, and the rooftop terrace in Trinity’s the Alchemist is the perfect setting for drinking on a sunny day in Leeds.

They have just launched five new additions to their already impressive cocktail menu.

If you haven’t been to the Alchemist before, their drinks are – you guessed it – inspired by alchemy. Think fire, smoke, and colour-changing creations. Whether you want a drink to impress a date, look good on the ‘gram, or simply taste fantastic, there’s a cocktail for anyone and everyone who’s over 18.

Each summer, the Alchemist says goodbye to some of their cocktails to make room for new ones, and this year is no different. Their five summer additions are:

Lightbulb Moment


Smokey Old Fashioned

Aperol Crumble Fizz

We were invited down to the launch to try some for ourselves. It was a hard choice, but we eventually decided on two: Lightbulb Moment and Bubblebath.

Containing Tanqueray gin, Pimms, ginger beer, raspberry, lemon and mint, Lightbulb Moment is the perfect summer concoction. The ginger beer and mint balances out the Pimms for a fruity cocktail which is not too sweet.

In true Alchemist style, the drink comes in a ball-bottomed glass flask, with steam billowing out of the top. We’re handed a glass of ice to pour the drink in to – the ice and steam make a great show, and once it’s settled down, we enjoy our drink with a view of Boar Lane.

The second drink we try is the Bubblebath, which is a mix of Tanqueray gin, Aperol, Chambord, lemon, apple and fairy liquid. The mixologist confirms that fairy liquid is not in fact the washing detergent (phew); it describes the reaction that occurs when the drink is poured into the glass. The surface immediately bubbles, creating a huge head of baby pink bubbles. I can confirm that while it looks extremely pretty, there is no dignified way to drink a cocktail with a three-inch tower of foam. Taste-wise, it is light and refreshing – truly a summers drink.

Despite the fact it is May and basically summer, it was actually pretty cold outside when we went down. Luckily, the team here are prepped for the English weather; each table outside on the terrace has a heater, and there are huge fluffy blankets available for those who like to wrap up.

The Alchemist’s cocktails veer on the more expensive side of cocktails in Leeds, so a visit can quickly add up. It’s an experience worth paying for, in my opinion, even if it’s only for a couple of drinks. Most people here get dressed up to the nines, so if you want to feel fancy sipping on fancy cocktails, it’s a must-visit bar.

For non-cocktail lovers, the Alchemist also offers wine and beer, as well as a bar snack menu (if you want your drinks to be accompanied by nibbles) and a restaurant menu (if you’re absolutely rav).


MAY 2019